In the past, we’ve written extensively about the importance of privacy in decentralized networks. We’ve gone as far as to draw Orwellian and theological parallelisms between the way institutions, malicious actors and oppressive governments (terms that are not necessarily mutually exclusive) can surveil powerless users.

But, has it occurred to you that the loss of privacy has a tangible, measurable impact?

Despite the wild innovation we’ve…

Dear Panther community,

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kudelski Security!

Kudelski Security is the leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to large enterprise and public-sector clients around the world.

As the newest extension of Kudelski’s partner ecosystem, Panther aims to deliver increased privacy enablement as Kudelski moves forward with the delivery of data-driven solutions within the US and the UK.

Dear Panther Community,

Panther Protocol is on a mission to create the privacy layer for Web3 and DeFi, connecting all smart contract blockchains, and empowering DeFi users with privacy by default while providing enterprises, financial institutions and fintechs alike with a clear path into the new paradigms of Decentralized Finance.

We had an awesome AMA last week with the Crypto Daku Robinhooders community!

The Robinhooders welcomed us in the telegram group on the 7th of October at 4 pm UTC and they grilled us on all things Panther!

We have transcribed the conversation for the ones that missed it…

Panther envisions a world where DeFi and Web3 users can enjoy a decentralized world without surveillance.

Where privacy features are available in dApps and protocols by default. Where all EVM compatible blockchains are connected through a privacy layer, but at the same time allowing users to share data with counterparties…

Dear Panthers,

The last weeks have been incredible from an ecosystem development perspective and today we are thrilled to announce a partnership with BUMPER, an innovative DeFi protocol that aims to protect users and traders against market crashes. …

Dear Panther Community,

Our entire team has been working hard to build the foundational private scalable infrastructure for DeFi and Web3, but if one team has been working harder, that is our tech and product team.

Panther aims to privately connect all smart contract blockchains and restore privacy for retail and institutional decentralized finance participants

Our quest begins with some key components that together can become an end-to-end solution…

Last week we had an AMA session with CryptoDiffer. We enjoyed the first AMA so much that we decided to go for a second one!

The AMA took place in Crypto Differ’s telegram group ‘CryptoDiffer Secret Chat #2 (Public) ENG’ on the 1st of October at 3pm UTC .


Dear Panther community,

As you know by now, Panther is moving at warp speed to build the Private Scalable Infrastructure for the Internet of Blockchains, and our first goal is to connect Layer 1 Blockchains through a private Metastrate.

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Elrond, the internet-scale blockchain designed to bring a 1000x improvement in throughput and execution speed over existing decentralized networks.

The partnership brings interoperable privacy and compliance-friendly selective disclosure mechanisms to…

As a crypto community member, you likely went through the learning curve most of us did: You heard about cryptocurrencies in the middle of a Bitcoin bull run. …

Panther Protocol

Panther is an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets, which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain.

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