Panther Protocol had a great AMA with the CryptoFamily VN community. We would like to thank the Vietnamese community for the support they show at Panther. We even have a dedicated Panther telegram group in Vietnamese.

The AMA took place at CryptoFamily’s telegram group on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at 3 PM UTC.

We have transcribed the conversation but slightly edited it for clarity. If you missed the AMA check out the transcript below.

/// Transcript begins here ///

CF: Today, it’s such a great honour to organize an amazing AMA session with Panther — an end to end protocol that enables a new…

Panther Protocol, the privacy protocol, has partnered with Vegaswap, the automated market maker (AMM) protocol with multichain support.

Vegaswap is a user-centred automatic market maker that leverages multichain technology, providing users with a wide range of DeFi and cross-chain applications through its platform. It supports and enables seamless token earnings through customizable liquidity pools (LP), dynamic pricing and an intuitive UI. Vegaswap makes the work of LP providers efficient and profitable by creating provisions for unique smart pools, providing analytics and reducing impermanent loss with adaptive spread.

“Vegaswap solves the issue of being able to trade assets from different blockchains in a DEX. It offers a global DeFi marketplace supporting cross-chain transactions. …

We had just another great AMA this time CryptoDiffer! The AMA took place at CryptoDiffer telegram chat on Monday, July 25th at 4 PM UTC.

Panther was represented by Andrew Zapotochnyi, Head of Marketing and Constantinos Antoniou, Head of Community.

Ps. There are a couple of exclusives in this transcript, let's see if you catch them!!

/// Transcript begins here///

Myko (CryptoDiffer): Hello, everyone!😁 We are glad to meet here:

Andrew Zapotochnyi, Head of Marketing and Constantinos Antoniou, Head of Community

Constantinos: Hello! Thank you for having us!

Andrew: Hey everyone, thanks for bringing us here 🙂

Myko: Our team has prepared several…

A quick journey through the history of privacy, its applications on the current blockchain ecosystem and why DeFi needs to adopt privacy to continue growing.

Privacy is a neglected luxury in the super-connected 21st Century.

At its core, privacy is the human right to be free from being observed or disturbed by others. This right extends (or should be extended) to every area of life, including our digital identities and personas.

However, in practice, having information or data that you do not want to share with others and achieving to do so is relatively rare. …

Last Friday we had an AMA session in one of our strategic investor’s, Neron Investment, discord channel.

Neron Investment rallied up their community and collected questions for us to answer. They also provided translation in French which was really nice of them! You can find the transcript of the AMA below. The transcript has been slightly edited for clarity.

/// Transcript begins now ///

Lil JM: Welcome everyone! Thank you very much for being here with us today for this second AMA with Panther Protocol! …

Everybody loves those kinds of podcasts that once you finish listening to them you feel your brain explode from all the information you just heard.

Well, this is one of them!

Dr Anish Mohammed was recently on the D-Core podcast having a conversation with Carlos Cano, about many subjects such as Cryptography, Anish’s multidisciplinary background, what privacy means for DeFi, quadratic voting, Panther of course and many more.

You can watch or listen to the podcast with the links below or read our favourite quotes from it below. You can also do both!

Spotify | Apple podcasts | Google podcasts

When Anish was talking about Blockchain belief systems he said that is…

On July 16th at 4 PM UTC we had an amazing AMA. This time it was with the DeFi Racoons community in their group chat Panther Protocol was represented by Oliver Gale and Constantinos Antoniou.

The transcript has been slightly edited for clarity.

/// Transcript begins here ///

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons: Hello Oliver and Constantinos, welcome to the DeFi Raccoons group!

Oliver: Hi there

Constantinos: Hey everyone! A pleasure to be here!

SB: I will be your host today. Glad to have you guys here😁

Please be so kind to introduce yourself to the Raccoon army 🤠

Oliver: I’m Oliver Gale, CEO and…

We are thrilled to announce that Panther Protocol has joined forces with StackOS, a decentralized cloud protocol, to deliver privacy and data protection tools.

As a meta-protocol focused on end-to-end privacy for any digital asset, Panther is of great interest to virtually all DeFi users looking to benefit from personal financial data protection and confidential cryptocurrency transactions. Panther zAssets are 1:1 backed representations of the underlying assets they represent, offering users all of the benefits of private transactions in this emerging asset type.

Under the Partnership agreement, Panther Protocol’s DeFi privacy services will be deployed on StackOS’ decentralized cloud.

This is easily done in minutes through its easy-to-use interface after the applications have been containerized. …

We had a great AMA session with the CryptoToday Network in their telegram group chat Panther Protocol was represented by Dr Anish Mohammed and Constantinos Antoniou.

The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

/// Transcript begins here ///

CryptoToday Network: Community, today we’ve @zeroknowledge & @Consanto from Panther Protocol

Welcome Anish

Welcome Constantinos


Constantinos: Hello everyone!

Anish: Thanks 🙂

Constantinos: Pleasure to be here ;p

CryptoToday Network: It’s our honour to have you guys here today 😊

Please tell us how you guys are doing?

Constantinos: It’s going good, very busy with the development of Panther Protocol 😁

Anish: Busy as usual…

Earlier today we met with the DeFi Korea community and had a great AMA session!

Thank you for inviting us!

The AMA took place here on June 25th at 12 PM UTC. If you missed it you can check out the transcript of the AMA below. The transcript has been slightly edited for clarity.

/// Transcript begins here ///

Mike MU: For the AMA answers to the questions & interviews, we invited guests from Panther Protocol, Dr Anish Mohammed co-founder and CTO and Constantinos Antoniou, Head of Community.

Thanks for coming, Dr Anish Mohammed and Constantinos Antoniou. …

Panther Protocol

Panther is an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets, which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain.

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